International Travel Preparation and Advisories

Willamette University continues to be concerned with our health, safety, and security while you are traveling on behalf of the University, especially to an international location. What would you do if you become ill, or were involved in an accident, or a security related incident in a foreign country? How would you deal with an emergency where language is a problem and adequate standards of medical care cannot be guaranteed? What if you were in a foreign country where the political situation was unstable or quickly deteriorating?

The University strongly encourages community members traveling abroad to read through information about available resources and to plan well in advance of their departure. Planning will help ensure a safe trip and prepare you for changes or events that occur while you are abroad.

Travel preparations for Willamette funded travel

What do I need to know? All travelers should do the following as soon as possible:

  1. Check your passport & visa
  2. Check health requirements & make an appointment for pre-travel care
  3. Check travel insurance coverage & travel assistance
  4. Print your insurance card
  5. Register your travel itinerary & emergency contact information
  6. Print emergency contact card
  7. Emergency preparedness
  8. Access to health, safety and travel advisories while abroad
  9. Recommendation: Familiarize with your destination: Climate, cultures, politics
  10. Recommendation: CPR & First Aid Training & Certificate