Step-by-step Advisories

Prior to Departure

  • Reservation ( Air, hotel, Grand transportation)
  • Immunization requirements if traveling to/from an infected area.
  • Passport, Visa and/or other documents
  • Print out AIG travel insurance card from Travel Center’s website
  • Emergency Contact registry at WU Travel Center’s website
  • Print out Emergency Card (wallet size) and fill out phone numbers
  • Get to know your destination
  • Local airport condition (Parking location and fee, Waiting time, Weather, TSA Security procedure, Gate locations,
  • Boarding pass
  • Pre-baggage check in and airline carry-on requirements
  • Re-confirm your seat and flight status 72 hours prior to your departure

At the destination

  • Destination airport condition ( Security procedure, Transportation, Airport map, Currency exchange offices,
  • Maps
  • Emergency contact (Medical, Insurance, Stolen) where is the nearest hospital?

If you encounter an emergency while traveling, take the following steps:

  1. Where serious injury or illness has occurred, immediately seek medical treatment at the closest medical facility. Emergency numbers for police, medical and fire in foreign countries.
  2. If medical service is not available, contact AIG Assist (call collect at +01 (713) 260-5508 or within the U.S. or Canada (800) 401-2678)Contact AIG Assist to inform them of your emergency. AIG Assist will assist, monitor, and coordinate your situation until it has been resolved or you are no longer in danger.
  3. Notify the contact person in your program, department, or school.
  4. For medical emergencies, notify Campus Safety (503-370-6999) or your personal health care provider.
  5. Contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or consular service.

After return

  • Claim to Insurance company
  • Post travel report

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