WU Preferred Airlines

To receive Willamette University discounts on airfare, tickets must be purchased through the Azumano Travel or online using Concur Travel.


United Airlines provides a 2% discount to all United destinations.

SWABIZSouthwest Airlines SWABIZ

Southwest Airlines for Business Travel (SWABIZ) is an approved Willamette vendor for university-funded traveling. (See below for personal or leisure travel reservations.)

SWABIZ Features:

  • Cancel reservations online
  • Apply unused Ticketless funds to new online reservations
  • View real-time flight information on arrivals and departures
  • Observe itineraries by Confirmation Number

The links to SWABIZ from our site are encoded with Willamette SWABIZ reference number. If you need to make reservations while away from your computer, please call the travel center at 503-370-6388 for our reference number.

SouthwestSouthwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines offers great rates for personal or leisure travel. (See above for Southwest Airlines for Business Travel for university-funded trips.)

For a map of Southwest's destinations, please click here.