Event Quick Actions

Event Quick TipsThe Quick Actions — located in the an Event's Quick tips or the full Event Details page — enables you to stay informed and share information about a specific event.

Some of these features may not be enabled depending on the type of event.

Remind Me

Selecting this link will allow you to enter either your email address or your cell phone number and carrier, in order to be added to an event reminder list. You will have the option to select the timeframe prior to the event when you would like to receive your reminder notice

Notify Me

Selecting this link will allow you to enter your email address in order to be added to an event subscription e-mail list. If there are any changes or updates made to the event, you will be notified via e-mail. If the event is part of a series, there will also be a drop-down menu that allows you to choose one or all events to receive notifications for.

Add to My Calendar

Selecting this link will take you to an informational screen that explains how to easily add this event to your personal calendar.

Email a Friend

Selecting this link will allow you to send an email containing Event Details and a hypertext link that will navigate your "friends" directly to the Event Details for the event. You can add multiple email addresses, separated by commas. You can also enter your email address, your name and a customized message to be sent with the event email link. If desired, check the box to receive a copy of the email notification being sent to your friends.


Selecting this link will allow you to complete an interactive registration request form for the event. Complete the form and clicks SUBMIT to send your registration request to the event administrator. You will receive a follow-up email once your registration request has been processed and the follow-up email will inform you that you have either been approved or denied for the event registration.