Add an event to a personal calendar

The Event Details — located in the preview pop-up and the Event Details page — provide the option to add a specific event to your personal calendar.

For the desired event, click on the icon "add to my calendar".


A pop-up window will open. There are several ways to add the event, depending on the type of calendar you use.


Add to Google Calendar

In the pop-up window, choose the option "Send Meeting Request", and enter your gmail address in the text field. Please note that Willamette e-mail addresses also work for this.


Click Submit.


A message will indicate that your request has been sent to your e-mail.


After logging in to your gmail account, open the invitation and click the link "Add to calendar".

Add to calendar

Google's Calendar will open, in which you can specify the details you would like the Event saved as. If satisfied, click the "Save" button at the top of the screen.

Your Google Calendar now has the event added in.


Add to iCalendar

Used primarily for Apple users, the iCalendar is a file that can be downloaded and added to a user's Apple Calendar (also known as "iCal"). It is also used and supported by additional Calendar software, including Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, and Thunderbird. Outlook also partially supports iCal files (depending on the version you are using).

In the pop-up window, choose the option "iCalendar (iCal)".


Click Submit.


Choose to "Save File".


Locate the downloaded file and open it. The iCal program will open and inquire which calendar you would like the event added to. If satisfied with the calendar selected, click "Ok".

The Event will now be added to your iCalendar.