University Calendar Support

The WU Calendar is the official calendar of University events and is managed by the appropriate Calendar administrator(s). It is all-inclusive and features events from all Schools, Colleges, Departments and Offices.

Event Corrections & Cancellations

To update or correct information in an event listing, please contact the appropriate Calendar administrator(s) or

Calendar of Events Tutorials

Adding Events

For users desiring to submit an Event Request, learn how to correctly fill out the form. The event will then be forwarded to the appropriate Calendar administrator for review and approval before being posted to the calendar.

Viewing the Calendar

The Calendar can be displayed in a variety of ways, depending on what listing the viewer prefers. Instructions on how to navigate in the different view modes can be read here.

Searching for Events

The Calendar can be searched for events by a wide variety of search tools. Learn their functions and how to use them.

Subscribing and Sharing

There are a variety of ways to stay posted on events. Learn how to subscribe, share and add events to your personal calendar.