Search Options

You will see a Audience drop-down menu, which will allow you to select a target audience.


Select All

To Select All Audiences, click the Select All from the drop-down list and click Submit Events to have all listed.


Select Multiple

To Select Multiple target audiences, choose Select Multiple from the drop-down list. This will open a pop-up window where you can check multiple Audience items as part of your search.

Within this pop-up screen, you have additional selection options (at the bottom of the window). This includes Select None, Select All, Save or Close (to cancel).


Once the desired items have been selected, click Save.


The pop-up window will close and and the Audience chooser will have your selected targets saved. To search, click Submit Events.


Multiple Audiences

After submitting the search, a hyperlink will appear underneath to the Audience chooser indicating that you currently have Multiple target audiences selected.

If you wish to review what Multiple Audiences you searched for, click on the View Selection link to see a list of what was checked in the original search. A pop-up window (the same as when originally selecting) will list the chosen items.


To clear the audiences being listed and go back to the complete calendar, click on the New Search link.

The calendar will re-load back to its default settings, and the search options will be cleared.