Search Options

Display Format

Options include Date/Time View (The Default), Grid View, Category View, Summary View and Location View. Visitors may select a new value from the drop-down list to automatically navigate to that Calendar View format.


Display Month

Use this drop-down in order to quickly select the month that you would like to view. All twelve months of the year are displayed and once selected; you will be automatically navigated to the month selected for viewing all events for that particular month.


Quick Search Icons

Options include: Day, Week, Month and Year Icons. Click on any of these graphic icons in order to view the events for the current day, week, month or year. You will stay within the Display format that you have chosen but the date range of events included in the view will be based off the icon selection for day, week, month or year.

The mini calendar will also reflect which icon was chosen with the area highlighted.


Advanced Search Option

Use these date selectors to select a start and end date to refine the events that are displayed in your results area. There are two ways to use this:

You can manually type in the date in the “From:” and “To:” text fields, with the format of MM/DD/YYYY. For example, “From: 09/20/2012, To: 10/13/2012”.


Or, choose the date by clicking on the calendar icon located to the right of the field and select the date in the small pop-up chooser.


Clear Search

To clear any previous search criteria, click on the (New Search) link.

The calendar will re-load back to its default settings, and the search options will be cleared.