Search Options

Keyword searches allow you to search all the events, picking up on a keyword in the event description, or found through the event's classification in the Category, Location and Audience, without the use of the drop-down menus.

Keep in mind that you are searching by the date duration that is specified above in the advanced search. Depending on the keywords and how specific you get, it may be necessary to maximize search by month or year.

Learn how to adjust the date parameters.

Enter the Keyword(s)

In the text field, enter in the keyword(s) desired.


Enter Multiple

For multiple keywords in one search, separate each with a comma and space.

For example, "music, students, women, choir"


Once you have typed in your search criteria and click the Submit Events link.


Multiple Keywords Results

After submitting the search, a hyperlink will appear above your keywords indicating that you currently have Multiple keywords filtering the search.

If you wish to review what Keywords you searched for, click on the View link to see a list.


A pop-up window will list the keywords searched for.

To clear the keywords chosen and go back to the complete calendar, click on the New Search link.

The calendar will re-load back to its default settings, and the search options will be cleared.