Viewing Events by Category

View by Category

To view the calendar by Category, find the Display Format menu and select 'Category View' from the Drop-down options.


The Calendar heading will indicate that you are now in Category View mode.

Category View

Sorted Alphabetically

The Categories listed are sorted in alphabetical order (from the Categories list).


Specify your Category

To display a specific Category only, using the Advanced Search in left nav, find the Category(s) drop down menu, and select the desired item.


Click the Submit Events link underneath.


The Calendar will re-load to display the specific Category chosen. The top of the page will indicate which Category is currently being viewed.

Specific Category View

If the Category chosen does not have any current events, a message will be displayed that indicates this.

No Events for specific Category

Search Adjustments

Keep in mind that the Categories are listed by month unless otherwise specified in the advanced search, so if you wish to find possible events in the future connected to the specified category, you can expand your search criteria with the search tools available, or by adjusting the mini calendar.

The dates on the right side of your calendar will indicate which month you are currently viewing.