Date/Time View Format

This is the view automatically chosen when first visiting the Willamette Calendar. Events are broken down into Highlighted Events and Events matching the selected search criteria.

Main Area Display

Date/Time View

If in a different Display Format, view the calendar by Date/Time by finding the Display Format menu and selecting 'Date/Time View' from the Drop-down options. The Calendar heading will indicate that you are now in Date/Time View mode.

Sorted chronologically

At the top of the screen, the dates (beginning with the current day) are displayed, as well as the current Category and Subcategory Name(s). When first navigating to the View by Date/Time screen all categories will be displayed at the top of the screen unless you make a selection in the Advanced Search.

Event List Structure


Events that match your selected search criteria are sorted in groups by the Category to which they have been classified. There are three columns of information for each event:

  • Start Date/Time: The Start Date and Start Time of each event is displayed. If an event has an end time, then the end time will be displayed. All Day events will display “All Day”.
  • Event Details: Each event name is displayed as a hyperlink, which if selected will navigate to the Event Details screen. An excerpt of the Event Description is also visible here, when the cursor hovers over the event title.
  • Audience: This column displays the targeted audience for the event provided by the Event submitter.

Search Adjustments

Keep in mind that the events are listed by month unless otherwise specified in the advanced search. You can expand your search criteria with the Advanced Search, or by adjusting the Mini Calendar.

The dates on the right side of your calendar will indicate what date span you are currently viewing.