Viewing Event Details

Event DetailsThe Event Details page provides full information about a specific event.

View the Details

By clicking on an Event Title/Name from any area where the event displays a hyperlink, you will be navigated to the View Event Details screen.

Here, you will see the information of the specific event outlined.

Quick Links

Go Back: To backtrack to the previous Event View List, click on the Go Back link at the right side of the page (on the red bar).

Help: Click on this will open a new window with further information on the Event Details.

Print: To Print the contents of the current page being displayed, choose the “Print” icon in the far right corner.

Event Details Content

Event Name: Name of the event that was added by the event submitter.

Event Description: A description of the event will be displayed here.

Start/End Date/Time: If an event has an End Date and End Time, then they will be displayed. All Day events will display “All Day” within the Start Time area. If an event is scheduled to recur, then the recurring schedule will be displayed.

Location Information: Location information may include the Building and Room Number as well as the address for the location. If the location name appears as a hypertext link, then it can be selected in order to navigate to a map.

Contact Information: If a contact is available for the event, then the details for the contact will be displayed.

Attachments for this Event: Attached files may be displayed and reviewed by clicking on the title of the attachment.

Quick Actions

Actions include, reminders, notifications, calendar add-ons and sharing with friends. All information regarding these options can be found in the Quick Actions section.