Grid View Format

View as a Grid

To view Calendar in the Grid Format, find the Display Format menu and select Grid View from the Drop-down options.


The Calendar will re-load to a grid, indicating that you are now in Grid View mode.

Grid View

Search Adjustments

When first navigating in Grid View, "All Categories" will automatically be displayed at the top of the screen unless you make a specific category selection (by selecting a Category in the drop-down menu and clicking Submit Events at the bottom of the section).

All Categories

The calendar events can also be specified with the other search options, such as Location, Audience and Keyword(s).


Adjust the Grid View

Keep in mind that the events are listed by month unless otherwise specified. The Grid View can also be set to display by the Day, Week or Year by using one of the following options:

Using the Quick Search icons

Options include: Day, Week, Month and Year Icons. Click on any of these graphic icons in order to view the events for the current day, week, month or year. You will stay within the Display format that you have chosen but the date range of events included in the view will be based off the icon selection for day, week, month or year.


Using the Advanced Search

Use these date selectors to select a start and end date to refine the events that are displayed in your results area.


Toggling between months

Use the arrows on the top corners of the Grid to display either the previous or the next month

Toggle between months

Or, read more information on how to use the Search Options.

Grid Block Event Formatting

Events are broken down into days or "blocks” of each week in the month. A select number of events will display per block.

Information included per event within each Calendar Grid block includes the following:

  • Start Date/Time: The Start Date and Start Time of each event are displayed. If an event has an End Time, then it will be displayed as well. All Day events will display “All Day” within the Start Time area.
  • Event Name: The Event name is the name of the event that was chosen by the event coordinator. Each event name is displayed as a hyperlink, which when selected will navigate you to the Event Details screen with the full information.

Event Quick Tips

When enabled, when the cursor hovers over an event name, the event quick tip box will display as a small pop-up window.s

Event quick tips include basic information, along with actions (depending on the event) that the user can choose. These actions include: Remind Me, Notify Me, Add to My Calendar, Email a Friend and Register. Past events do not have the Remind Me or Register features enabled.


Expand All Grid

If there are additional events that can be viewed for a particular block, then a text link will be included at the bottom of the particular Calendar block that says “X More” and can be selected in order to refresh the Calendar grid and display all events in that particular Calendar Grid block.


If you prefer to see all additional events that are hidden (rather than just viewing one at a time) Use the Expand All Grid feature located in the upper left hand corner to view all of the events in each grid block.

If any events on a date are hidden (for example the 3rd, 4th and 5th), by clicking the Expand All Grid, ALL events on the calendar will then be visible.