Summary View Format

This view of the Calendar allows you to view a date range of events that are chronologically sorted, and displays the most in-depth detail at a glance.

Ideally, this view mode functions best for calendar viewers interested in focusing on Events taking place for a handful of dates.

View by Event Summary

To view the calendar by Summary, find the Display Format menu and select Summary View from the Drop-down options.


The Calendar heading will indicate that you are now in Summary View mode.

Summary View

Sorted Chronologically

At the top of the screen, the current date is displayed, followed by the events happening in chronological order.

When navigating to the calendar by Summary, "All Categories" will be listed unless you make a selection in the Advanced Search.

Event List Structure

List structure

Along with chronological listing, Events are Sorted into the following groups:

Date: The Start Date of each event is displayed.

Event Details: Each event name is displayed as a hyperlink, which if selected will navigate to the Event Details screen. An excerpt of the Event Description is also visible here, when the cursor hovers over the event title.

Time: The Start Time of each event is displayed. If an event has an end time, then the end time will be displayed. All Day events will display “All Day”.

Location: General information whether the location is on or off campus is provided.

Detailed Summary: Expanded details of each event are displayed.

Event Quick Tips

Event Quick Tips

When enabled, when the cursor hovers over an event name, the event quick tip box will display as a small pop-up window.

Event quick tips include basic information, along with actions (depending on the event) that the user can choose. These actions include: Remind Me, Notify Me, Add to My Calendar, Email a Friend and Register. Past events do not have the Remind Me or Register features enabled.

Search Adjustments

Keep in mind that the events are listed by month unless otherwise specified in the advanced search. You can expand your search criteria with the Advanced Search, or by adjusting the Mini Calendar.

The dates on the right side of your calendar will indicate which month you are currently viewing.