Using the Asset Chooser

We are in the process of updating the WebEdit documentation. Though, some of the content below might still be applicable to your needs.

The asset chooser is used any time there is an asset to select. In WebEdit's upgrade, the functions of the chooser have changed. When choosing an asset (ex. page, file or folder), WebEdit now displays a type-ahead search box.

  1. Select assets by listing previously viewed items (your history), or
  2. Type in a keyword, which will bring up a quick search of assets.

Note: If you prefer using the Asset Chooser prior to the upgrade (which will only open the pop-up browse window), follow these instructions. Otherwise, view the following tutorial to learn about the new features:

The asset chooser appears any time there is an opportunity to select an asset in WebEdit. One common instance of this is when creating an internal link.

When selecting text and clicking on the link icon,

the asset chooser appears in a pop-up window.

Click on the link icon

You will see that the asset chooser look has changed.

Asset chooser

The new version of the asset chooser displays a page icon and search bracket, along with a browse icon.

The blue page icon and search bracket perform the same function.

Search option

When clicked on, a text box will now appear into which search terms can be typed in.

Search Box

Below the text box, a drop-down list will appear that contains recently selected assets (your History).

History List

To choose one of the assets listed in the drop-down list,

simply click on the path to select it. The text box will display the asset path to show that it is selected.

Asset is now selected

Then, click the Insert button to link this asset.

If searching by keyword,

type it in the text box and the drop-down list will display results matching the text.

Search by keyword

If the desired asset is on list drop-down list,

click on the path to select it (see step above), then click on the Insert button to link it.

To search for assets traditionally by browsing in a new window,

click on the magnifying glass icon.

Search by browsing

The "Browse" text in the drop-down menu also launches the pop-up browse window.


This pop-up window allows the user to manually look through the system tree to select an asset from a known location.


When the asset is selected on the system tree,

click the confirm button to choose it, then click the Insert button.

Select the asset