Revert Asset Chooser Settings

Begin by accessing your personal preferences in WebEdit.

This can be found at the top right corner link titled "My Settings".

Click on 'My Settings'.

It can also be accessed in the drop-down menu at the far left under "Preferences" > "User".

Find Preferences, User

In the Preferences,  find the option "Disable the Type-Ahead Chooser".

Diable the Type-Ahead Chooser

Click on the Checkbox.


Click the Submit button to save the changes.


The Asset chooser will now revert to it's settings before the upgrade.

As a result, all three icons in the Asset Chooser will only open the pop-up browse window when clicked on.

All three icons share the same action

This setting can be changed back to the upgraded preference at any time by un-checking the box in the settings.