How to Save and Revise a Draft

We are in the process of updating the WebEdit documentation. Though, some of the content below might still be applicable to your needs.

While editing a page, a light blue message will appear at the top of the page, indicating that your revisions are now being automatically saved into a draft (instead of the original page).

Autosave Message

Additionally, if you are have made a revision on a page and exit without Submitting, a warning dialog box will appear asking whether or not you wish to leave or stay on the page. If you choose "stay on page" a draft on the page will be automatically saved and you will be redirected to your current draft.


View the original asset

This option takes you back to the preview page and out of Edit mode. 


Viewing Mode

The top left corner will indicate that you are currently viewing the current/original page edition, not the revised page of your draft. Depending on which you are viewing (the "Current" vs. the "Draft"), clicking the Edit tab will jump you back to edit mode for that selection.


If you are viewing the current version of the page and wish to go back to editing your draft, click on the "Draft" link under "Viewing Outputs", then click the Edit tab.


Edit the original asset

If you choose decide to edit the current page, the link will take you to editing the original page before your revisions. Essentially, this is a way to check what the original content was prior to your draft changes. By clicking "continue editing it", you will be redirected back to your working draft.


Submitting a Draft

Click the Submit button to save you draft changes over the original page's content.


Update Draft

Updating a draft is used to save revisions on your draft. This does not affect the current page.


Discard Draft

If you do not wish to save your draft, choose the Discard Draft option. A window will appear to confirm that you do not wish to keep the draft. Once confirmed, the current page will be reload in Edit mode.


Revising a Draft Later on

If you are coming back to finishing working on a draft for a page, locate the page as you would normally and click Edit. If the page has a draft affiliated with it, a light blue message at the top of the page will indicate this, and you can access it via the link provided. Make sure to access the draft before making any new content revisions.


Overwriting a Draft

When accessing a page that has an existing draft, you will always be informed that a draft version exists as you begin to Edit. This also occurs when a separate user has a draft edition of the page.

If you have edited and submitted the current version of the page, but you or another user has previously saved a draft copy, a warning box will inform you that you are about to discard the draft in order to submit.