Drag and Drop Move

We are in the process of updating the WebEdit documentation. Though, some of the content below might still be applicable to your needs.

The Drag and Drop Move is a useful shortcut to move the the location of an asset in WebEdit.

To Drag and Drop Move an asset, locate the asset in the system tree.

In this example, the pdf file ("parents.pdf") needs to be moved out of the "doc" folder and into the "pdf" folder.


With your cursor, hover over the asset and click and hold down to grab it.


Then, (still held down) drag it into the desired folder.

Make sure that the folder lights up as you hover over it. Then, release the file.


If you are moving an asset to a subfolder, hover over the folder that contains it. In a few moments, the folder will expand for you to hover over the desired subfolder for selection.


Once a folder is selected, the Move/Rename option will appear, with your desired location already assigned (in the Parent Folder).

If desired, you can change the name of the asset. For files, make sure the extension is added to the end of the revised name (ex. parents.pdf).


Click Submit to confirm.


A green message will indicate that your asset has been successfully moved.

Once successfully moved, publish the folder that now contains the asset.


FAQs: Why do I receive an error message when I try to move the asset?

This message appears when the asset is not set to publish. For example, a file that is kept in WebEdit, but is not published for the public to view. Typically, a page, file or folder is set not to publish when it contains time-sensitive information or incomplete data. Be sure to check with your department or the Web Development department before changing this setting.

You can learn more about publishing on our Publishing FAQs page.


To move the asset without unpublishing it, uncheck the unpublish box as you are moving the file.