Using the History

We are in the process of updating the WebEdit documentation. Though, some of the content below might still be applicable to your needs.

The history tool is a useful resource that can save time when navigating in WebEdit. The tool keeps track of folders, pages and files you have recently visited. If you need to backtrack to a location, rather than finding it in the left navigation in WebEdit, the history tool has it saved for easy selection.

To access the history, select the "History" button at the top navigation.

The history menu will display as a drop-down menu.

History List

Another feature to the drop-down history is the context menu.

The context menu is automatically opened when hovering over an asset on the list, and allows for quick commands.


To view the complete list of assets in the history, click on Full History at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

This will display a full screen of recently visited assets.


The history tool is also incorporated into the asset chooser.

History List