Add a New Page/Section

When a new page/section of your website is created, a link is automatically added to the left navigation. Follow these steps.

Locate and select the folder where the new page/section should be added.

Before creating the new page/section, use the system tree to locate your department folder. Click on the department folder, or sub-folder in which you want your page/section added.

If you are unsure of where it should be placed, please contact for assistance.

Select a page type (template)

In the blue navigation bar near the top of the page, click “New.” From the drop-down menu, choose “Multi-Column Page” (for a standard web page), or any other page type that fits your content.

Learn more about page types.

Select the page type (template)

Set the Folder Name and Metadata

Set folder name and metadata

System Name:  Enter an abbreviation of the section's name in the system name field.

System names should be created using all lower-case letters. Numbers and dashes may be used. No spaces or other punctuation.

Examples: "program" or "program-info" 

Learn more about system names.

Display Name: Enter the text that will be used to create the button/link in the left navigation.

Keep this text short -- one to three words if possible. Use upper-case and lower-case letters and spaces to make it a readable link.

Examples: “Program Information” or “About Us”

Include Folder Contents in Nav: Select “Yes” if you would like to add a link to the left navigation for this new page.

Include Folder in Breadcrumbs: Select “Yes” if you would like to add the title of this page to the breadcrumbs on the new page.

Folder or Page is Password Protected: If the page needs to be password protected (requires login with Willamette credentials), contact

Selecting “Yes” in this field does NOT password protect the page, it just puts a lock icon in the left navigation.

Metadata Set: Don’t make any changes to this field

Publish: Leave the box checked if the new page should be available for publishing to the live server.

If this box is not checked, the page cannot go live.

Index: Leave this box checked.

Submit: Click the “Submit” button in the yellow bar at the bottom of the window. A new folder will be added to your site, along with an index (home) page.

Learn more about adding content to the page.