How do I Publish:

Select the Parent Folder

To publish a new or updated page/section, you will need to select the parent folder that contains the section/page to publish.

For example, if publishing a specific page, select the folder that contains it.

If the section's name has changed in the Display name, you will need to publish the parent folder that contains the entire section. This ensures that the Left Navigation's information will be updated for all the related pages that link to it.



Once the folder of the section or page has been selected, click on the Publish tab.



The Publishing settings will be pre-determined for you and should not be altered. Click the Submit button to Publish.


A message will display that the publish has been sent successfully.


Publishing Time

Depending on the size of your section, the time it takes to publish will vary. For smaller sections, this should only take a few seconds. However, if there are other publish jobs by WebEdit users being sent, your publish may be queued in the order it was received (learn how to view the publish queue).

If your publish has successfully gone through, you will also receive a message on your Dashboard, which can be accessed by clicking on Home at the top left and then the Messages link.


If you are still having difficulty publishing, read our Publishing FAQs.