Starting Page

We are in the process of updating the WebEdit documentation. Though, some of the content below might still be applicable to your needs.

In the most recent WebEdit upgrade, the "Starting Pages" feature was discontinued. However, we have recently re-implemented this feature, for your convenience.

Begin by Logging into

Use your normal Willamette username and password.


Once logged in, click on the link under the Section "Starting Page".

This will take you directly to a personalized Starting Page listing the department(s) that you oversee.

Click the Starting Page link

You will be redirected to the Starting Page area.

Click on the Department listed to jump to the main index of that section. Users that update multiple sites will have them all listed.


Please note that some departments may not yet be added to the Starting Page.

If you do not see your department or receive a message indicating that you do not have a Starting page configured, please contact the Web Development team to set this up.