Building out a Faculty/Staff site

These are instructions for adding profiles and setting up the listing page for a new Faculty/Staff site. This is done in the 'faculty_new' folder of a given department's site. When ready to replace the old Faculty/Staff site with the new one, and publish the new one, please contact

A. Adding a new Faculty/Staff Profile

1. In the Blue Panel at the top, select New > Willamette > cla > A_to_J > chem > New Faculty-Staff Profile

2. Change the 'System Name' to the last name of person

3. Click Submit.

B. Configuring a Faculty/Staff Profile

1. Select the index page under the folder with the Faculty/Staff member's last name

2. Click the Edit tab.

3. Fill out the fields in the form. Some notes:

a. Not all fields are used by every department. Just skip unused fields.

b. Browse within WebEdit to find the image and thumbnail pictures. They should be in the images/headshot/full, and images/headshot/thumb folders of the individual site.

c. There can be multiple Sections with a Heading and multiple bullet points under each heading. The + and - icons allow for adding and removing the sections and bullets.

d. The Department List field determines which section the person appears under on the Listing page. 'Department Chair' will appear at the top of the Faculty section.

4. Click Submit.

C. Configuring the listing page

- Once the profiles are added, additional updates can be made to the listing page, which is the 'index' page under the 'faculty_new' folder.

1. Select the index page under the 'faculty_new' folder

2. Click the Edit tab

3. Select "Metadata" in the Blue Panel under the tabs

4. Update the Display Name, which contains the text for the top heading on the page.

5. Update the Title, which is the page title displayed at the top of the browser and in the browser tabs
6. Select 'Content' in the Blue Panel under the tabs
7. In the WYSIWYG editor, add any text desired for the intro description on the page.
8. Click Submit