WebEdit Upgrade: What's New

Stale Content Dashboard

Stale Content Dashboard

The new "Stale Content" tool on the Dashboard lists pages or files that you have marked for regular updates or review. Using this, you can keep tabs on which pages or files should receive updates on a regular basis, and make sure that all your content remains up-to-date.

More information on how to set up and manage the Stale Content tool will be available soon.

Relationships Tool

Relationships tool

The Relationships tool lists all locations where your asset (page/file) is being linked or referenced. This is incredibly useful if you are renaming, moving or deleting something and want to review what pages that reference it will be affected by your change.

By using the "Publish all relationship" option in the Relationships area, you can avoid accidentally breaking links to your pages and files, as well as gain insight into what cross-page relationships exist.

A more in-depth look on using the Relationships tool will be available soon.

Drag and Drop

File Upload: Drag and Drop Tool

The file upload interface has changed for easier uploading. Files can be dragged and dropped from your computer to the file upload area. This new action can be used for importing new images or documents and for updating pre-existing files. For an in-depth look on how to use this new tool, refer to these tutorials:

How to import a new document (ex. pdfs, word docs, excel files)

How to import a new image

Saved User History

Consider this like a bookmark for every time you log out. WebEdit is now capable of keeping your place saved between login sessions. This means that you can pick up where you left off every time you sign in. In addition, your browsing history will also be saved.

Draft Enhancements

The auto-save feature for drafts has been upgraded to include new files and pages. In the process of creating new files or pages, a draft backup will automatically save – even before submission.

Additionally, the draft interface now allows you to Submit/Discard Drafts from the View mode – you longer need to Edit your draft in order to access these options.

Version Comments/Notations

Version comment box

Every time changes are submitted to a file or page, WebEdit automatically saves a Version. Versions are incredibly useful for seeing the update history of an asset (pages and files), and can be used to backtrack or restore it to a previous edition, if needed.

The newly remodeled Version Comments is a useful tool for collaborative projects with other web editors, as well as note-keeping for future reference.

Each time you edit and submit an asset, you can add brief comments in the box displayed at the bottom of the page. These notations can be reviewed by clicking on the "More > Versions" tab. If the comment box is left blank, a basic summary of the changes enter automatically (ex. "Updated Page Content") to help keep track of your progress.