Legal Sources for Online Music and Videos

Educause - Legal Sources for Online Content

You can listen to music and watch shows online without the risks involved in downloading or circulating materials using networks that operate outside copyright law. The following sites provide legal music and video that let you enjoy entertainment online.

Free Music

  • AOL Radio: Choose from more than 350 music, sports, news and talk stations
  • Live365: An internet radio network where members can create their own online station or listen to other broadcasters' stations.
  • Build a profile from your listening choices. Connect to other people who like what you like and recommend songs from their collections.
  • Pandora Radio: Personalized internet radio service
  • Radio-Locator: Find links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from stations around the world.
  • RadioTower: Choose from over 6000 free internet radio stations
  • SHOUTcast; Choose from thousands of free Internet radio stations from around the world
  • Yahoo! Music: Provides access to music videos, internet radio, music downloads and music news and information

Music Subscription Services

These services usually offer free, try-before-you-buy trials

  • Napster: MP3 and on-demand streaming, commercial-free radio stations
  • Rhapsody: Listen to whatever you want for one fee rather than paying per track.
  • Audio Lunchbox: Easy browsing and filtering; downloads not restricted by Digital Rights Management

Free Video, Television and Movies


Other providers

  • Hulu: free online video service that offers popular TV shows such as Heroes, The Office, Family Guy and the Daily Show with Jon Steward as well as feature films
  • Joost: TV, movies and music
  • Sling: Content from many major networks and studios

Movie Suscription Services

  • Netflix: Online video rental service that also provides "Watch Now" movies streamed to personal computers.
  • Redbox: Stream from a library of "hit movies"; rent or buy videos on demand

Movie and TV Download Services

  • Amazon Video: Movies and TV shows to buy or rent to your computer, XBox360, TiVo, Roku, or portable video device.
  • Blockbuster Online: Rent or buy downloads of movies, TV shows and other popular videos.
  • CinemaNow: Download-to-own and pay-per-view movies, TV shows, and music videos from more than 250 licensors including 20th Century Fox, Disney, EMI, HDNet, IFC, Lionsgate, MGM, Miramax, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Sundance Channel, Vivendi Entertainment and Warner Bros.
  • iTunes Store: A digital media store operated by Apple Inc. that is now the number-one music vendor in the United State. The store sells music, movies, audiobooks, TV shows and also carries podcasts.