Computer Lab Policies & Procedures

  1. This lab may be used only by members of the Willamette University community, including current students, staff, and faculty. If you wish to use a computer, but you are not a member of the Willamette University community, please ask the Help Desk for assistance.
  2. Please carry your Willamette ID card with you while using the lab. You may be asked to present it at any time, and if you don't have it with you, you may be asked to leave the lab.
  3. You must have a valid Willamette network account in order to use lab computers. If you are new to the university, you can create a network account simply by clicking on the "New User" button at the login screen of any PC. You must have your student or employee ID number in order to do this.
  4. You may not share your username or password with another user, and you may not use your network account to log another person into a lab computer, even if that person is a trusted friend or family member. To do so is a violation of the university's policy on Acceptable Use of the Campus Computing Facilities and Network, which you agreed to abide by when you created your network account.
  5. Academic work by current Willamette students takes precedence over all other uses of the lab, including but not limited to non-academic games, chatting, email, or web surfing. A user engaged in non-academic activity may be asked to give up his/her computer to allow another user to carry out legitimate academic work.
  6. Equipment is first come, first served, and cannot be reserved. Please do not attempt to reserve a computer by leaving your belongings around it. If a station is left unattended for 15 minutes or more, WITS staff may log you out of the computer, move your belongings, and another user may have access to the computer.
  7. Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended. WITS staff are not responsible for lost, stolen, or moved items. It is your responsibility to keep your own property safe and secure.
  8. Lost & Found items are stored for a short period of time at the Help Desk, and then they are delivered to Campus Safety, located in Doney Hall.
  9. You may not install software on lab computers, including but not limited to games, ICQ or instant messengers, media players, etc. If you need a specific piece of software for academic purposes, please talk to a staff at the Help Desk to find out the appropriate procedure for having it installed.
  10. Please do not reconfigure computers, personalize desktops, or alter another user's files. Please do not move computers or tamper with their cables. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to alter a computer station, please talk to a staff member at the Help Desk to find out the appropriate procedure.
  11. Lab hard drives are cleaned several times each week, wiping out all saved files. To ensure that your personal files do not get destroyed, please do not save them to lab hard drives. Instead, save them to your Home Directory (H: Drive) or a removable media such as a ZIP disk or CD-RW. WITS does not recommend the use of floppy disks because they are unreliable and tend to fail often.
  12. Use of the computer facilities should not hamper or interfere with the ability of other students to do academic work. Activities to be avoided include but are not limited to excessive computer volume, loud conversation or laughter, use of offensive language, viewing of offensive or explicit imagery, cell phone conversations, and other disruptive behavior.
  13. Be courteous to your fellow lab patrons by turning off your pager or cell phone ringer, and by taking all personal conversations and/or cell phone calls outside the lab.
  14. Please do not print multiple copies using lab printers. A photocopier is available in the hallway for document duplication.
  15. Please do not put special paper into the paper trays of the lab printers. The wrong paper can cause paper jams and other printer problems. If you would like to print on special paper, please ask a staff member at the Help Desk for assistance.
  16. Keep our computer lab clean! Please dispose of your own trash, and pack out any items that you brought in.
  17. Food and drink are not permitted in the lab. Items can be stored at the Help Desk until you leave the lab.
  18. Absolutely no alcohol, tobacco or other drugs allowed in the lab.
  19. Children under 10 years of age are not permitted in the lab without adult supervision.
  20. Viewing of pornography or other sexually explicit materials in the lab is not appropriate. If another lab user or a Help Desk staff member sees you engaging in such activity, you may be asked to stop the activity immediately and/or leave the computer lab. If you have legitimate academic need for viewing such materials (as verified by your instructor), please ask a staff member at the Help Desk about a arranging a more private location where other lab patrons will not be disturbed by your activity.
  21. In addition to the policies above, all lab patrons are bound by Willamette University's policy on Appropriate Use of the Campus Computing Facilities and Network, and the policy on General Access Computer Labs.

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