Policy On The Disposition Of University Owned Equipment And Software For Retiring And Emeritus Faculty

  • Upon the retirement, all University owned equipment and software used by the retiring faculty member typically remains with the University.
  • If the University has no use for the equipment used by the retiring faculty member, the University will consider allowing that faculty member to purchase the equipment at its current market value. (On a case-by-case basis, the appropriate Dean may decide to grant the equipment to the retiring faculty member.) Any equipment purchased from or granted by the University becomes the full responsibility of the purchaser or grantee.
  • In general, other than the operating system, the University is not permitted to transfer software licenses to individuals and is required to remove software from the machine before it can be transferred to another party. The retiring faculty member, therefore, will be required to purchase copies of any software they wish to use on the equipment they acquire from the University. The University will install new software purchased by the retiring faculty member and will make a restore disk that can be used in the event of system failure.
  • Retiring faculty members may keep their network accounts and continue to use the University's systems, electronic storage facilities, web services and any other electronic services normally provided to the Willamette community for as long as they wish at no charge. They will, however, be required to indicate on an annual basis whether they wish to continue to use the University's services.
  • The University will not install or maintain computer systems and applications for the primary use of an emeritus faculty member unless it is to support work for which he/she is being compensated by the University.
  • The University will offer limited support to emeritus faculty members who wish to utilize the University's network and systems. If the emeritus faculty member is connecting to the University's network from an off-campus location, the University will take responsibility for helping he/she connect to and utilize the University's online resources. The University will not support or troubleshoot application software on the emeritus faculty member's system. The emeritus faculty may, however, contract with employees of the University to work on their personally owned systems outside of normal business hours.