Creating a New Network Account (Email address)


Current Willamette University students, staff, and faculty are eligible for a free email account. Before you can create your account, you must meet the follow criteria:


You must have a Willamette ID number, and be currently registered for a class through the Registrar's Office. Once you have registered, it may take up to 12 hours before you can create your email account.


You must have a Willamette ID number, and be considered a current employee by Human Resources. Once Human Resources creates a Current Employee Record for you, it may take up to 12 hours before you can create your email account. (In many cases, you are not considered a current employee until the date you actually start working.)

Note: Your Willamette ID number can be found on your Willamette ID card, issued by Campus Safety.

Guest Accounts

Under some circumstances, long-term guests and visitors of the university may be granted a network account via sponsorship from a current staff or faculty member. These may include visiting professionals or non-university employees (e.g. Bon Appétit employees, contractors).

  • Willamette Employees wishing to sponsor a guest account should inquire at the WITS Main Office (Smullin 101) or the WITS Help Desk (Smullin 119) for a Guest Account Application. Employees desiring accounts for family members should also pick up a Campus Network Account Payroll Deduction Form.

Creating the account.

If you meet the above criteria, then you can create a Willamette email account from any computer with Internet access by going to the following website:

As you are working through the process of setting up a new account, it is very important that you carefully read Willamette's policy on Appropriate Use of the Campus Computing Facilities and Network. Each user is expected to know and abide by this policy, as it applies to all computers connected to the campus network, including those in all campus buildings and facilities, and also those using remote access connections.