Technology-Equipped Classrooms

WITS provides technology equipped classrooms and multi-function rooms in buildings across campus and at the AGSM facility in Portland. Details about the specific types of technology provided in each room are available in the University Virtual Scheduling System or by contacting the Office of Scheduling, Events & Conferences at 503-375-5442.

Equipped rooms are available in the following buildings:

CLA - Main Campus

Graduate Schools & West Campus

  • Art
  • Baxter (Montag Den)
  • Collins
  • Eaton
  • Fine Arts East
  • Fine Arts West
  • Ford
  • Gatke
  • Goudy Commons
  • Pelton Theatre
  • Olin
  • Rogers Music Center
  • Smullin
  • Sparks Center
  • University Center
  • Walton
  • AGSM Annex
  • AGSM Mud
  • University Services
  • Hallie Ford Museum of Art
  • College of Law