Getting Ready for Google Mail / Google Apps for Education

Pre-migration Checklist

General tips for getting ready:

  • The migration takes approximately 1 second per message, so the fewer messages you have, the less time it should take.
    • If you wish, start pruning your folders in both quantity and capacity. Reduce your total message count.
  • Document your Filters if you're using a client with filtering capability.
  • Save a copy of your signature to a plain text file (.txt) via Notepad (Windows) or TextEditor (Mac) outside of your email.

Email cleaning tips:

  • Delete your old Sent mail.
  • Save your email file attachments to a local or network drive and delete them from your email.
  • Empty your Trash. Unpurged messages in your trash will copy to the new system.

The Migration Process - What actually happens during the change.

At the time of your email migration here is what will happen:

  • You will receive an email that the process has begun. This will be the last email you receive in your old mailbox.
  • From now on all new messages will arrive in your new mailbox which you can get to at
  • Note for any mail forwarding users.
  • We will begin copying the entire contents of your email over to your new mailbox.
  • During the transition you will still be able to access your old email in your old mailbox, so you may need to go back-and-forth a bit if you need to look at old and new messages for your work.
  • When the process is finished, you will receive an email notification in your new mailbox that your migration is complete.

WITS Training Calendar

Need some help with the transition? Come to one of our Scheduled Workshops and Open Lab Sessions

Post Migration Checklist

Once your migration to the Google Mail has been completed you will want to do the following

  • Re-configure your mobile device. If you had your mobile device set to check your Willamette email you will need to re-configure it for the new system
  • Enjoy the new features! Google Apps for Education is much more than just email. Explore the many options available to you now provided by Google.

Oracle Calendar Users

We have prepared a FAQ page for Oracle Calendar users to address the specific issues in transitioning from Oracle Calendar to the calendar provided by Google Apps for Education

New Calendar Users

Everyone will have access to the Google Calendar via Google Apps for Education.