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Area Description Location Hours Contact
WITS Help Desk General computing issues. Smullin 119 in back of the computer lab 8am - 5pm M-F


WITS Main Office Equipment scheduling, checkout. Smullin 101 7:45am - 5pm M-F 503-370-6004
Graphic Design & Media Services Large Format Printing, Laminating, and Mounting Fee based graphic arts, web/multimedia design, and video services. Smullin 119 8:00am - 5pm M-F


Multimedia Workroom Audio/video editing, multimedia, and publication questions. Smullin 38 8am - 5pm M-F
Language Learning Center Language computing needs. Smullin B18 variable
User Service Consultant Staff and faculty support. n/a n/a or

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Law School Help Desk Staff, faculty, student support for Law School Law 227 8am-5pm M-F