Collins 102 AV Equipment Instructions


Mitsubishi data projector
Panasonic DVD/VCR

Data projector

  • Turn on the data projector by pressing the ON button on the data projector remote control (see other side).
  • Wait a few minutes for the projector to warm up. An image will be displayed on the screen when ready.
  • Press the appropriate input select button to switch sources to the needed video source.
  • When you are finished using the data projector, turn it off by aiming the remote at the projector and pressing the Power OFF button. You will be prompted to press the OFF button a second time to confirm the command.


  • An Apple laptop is available in the Olin Administrative Assistant's office (Olin 202).
  • The laptop hookup is located in the sink, underneath the DVD/VCR shelf. You will need a male/male VGA cable (see other side) to hook up the laptop to the connector. If there is no male/male VGA cable, contact WITS.
  • If audio from the laptop is also needed, the audio feed jack is located immediately below the VGA port. An audio cable is incorporated within the video cable with mini-stereo jacks at either end. Use the head phone port on your laptop to provide audio to the data projector's speakers.
  • After hooking up the laptop to the VGA cable, turn the projector on by pressing the ON button on the data projector remote control.
  • Press the 'Computer 2' button to display the laptop's input
  • Power on the laptop.


  • There should be a DVD/VCR remote control nearby.
  • Turn the data projector on by pressing the power ON button on the remote control.
  • Press the 'Video 1' button to display the DVD/VCR player's input'
  • Turn the DVD/VCR on.
  • Insert a videocassette tape or a DVD disk and start.
  • Adjust volume levels with the projector remote. Volume control is located on the top right side of the remote. Note: Audio will be played through the data projector's speakers.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments, contact WITS at 503-370-6004 (x6004) or in Smullin 101