Home Directory (H Drive) or Personal Share

What is an H: Drive?

Student and faculty accounts are given their own storage space on Willamette's network file server which may be accessed from any computer that has network connectivity. It's similar to DropBox or other on-line storage services, and it's completely free.

Connecting to your Home Directory (H: Drive):

What Can You Do With Your H Drive?

This storage space is intended to help you store and back-up data for classes, projects, and academic research. This data is backed up regularly, and users are strongly encouraged to save any files you cannot effort to lose (your thesis!) to your H Drive for safekeeping. You can also set up a personal website on your H Drive.

Is there a limit to how much data I can store?

  • Student, Staff and Faculty, and Guest home directories are limited to 10 GB.

How can I see how much space I'm using?

How do I get a home directory?

  • Your home directory will automatically be created when you sign up for a new Willamette email/network account. This applies to all Willamette students, staff, faculty, and guests. If you already have a Willamette email/network account, then you already have a home directory!