Using the Copperplate Font (campus computers only)

Obtaining the Copperplate Font

Please contact Robert Minato (WITS) by either phone or e-mail if you need the Copperplate font. He will send the font installer to you, along with installation instructions. You can also submit a WITS Service Request (ask for the Copperplate font installation) and we will install the font on your office computer(s).

Using the Copperplate Font with Pre-printed Letterhead Paper

You can create a document template, where you will add additional information to the header and/or footer. When you need to print on letterhead, you simply load some pre-printed University letterhead paper in your printer, then use your template to create a new document. When you print, the additional information is added to the pre-printed letterhead paper.

Follow one of the links below for more information about creating a letterhead template:

NOTE: WordPerfect users may not be able to use the sample Word document available for download. The information provided for Word can be used to create a similar template in WordPerfect.