Datastore Instructions

The data you entered into the fields of the sample survey was stored in an HTML file on the web server. Each submission becomes a row in an HTML table. You can also view this file in a browser window, then save it locally using the Save As command on the File menu in your web browser. The file can be opened as an Excel spreadsheet (Excel will automatically convert the HTML table into a spreadsheet). Once the file is saved as a spreadsheet, you can import the data into a database, such as FileMaker Pro or Microsoft Access.

To view the datastore for this sample: {the password is "showme"}

When you create your datastore, you'll see this information:

DataStore datastorename has been created.

  • The following URLs can be used with this store:
  • To save a form to it <FORM method=post action="">
  • To view or download values from it:
  • To edit it:

Add the FORM method HTML tag to your form to implement the datastore feature. The view and edit URLs shown above can be used to manage your data (substitute your datastore name for datastorename in each URL. When you create your datastore, you assign two passwords: A viewing password and an editing password. Make sure you keep a record of your passwords!