Wireless Network Setup for Android devices

Getting Started, what you need.

With default 'out of the box' settings, your Android tablet/smartphone/device should be ready to connect to any of Willamette's wireless networks. These instructions will help you step by step.

Before connecting to our network be sure you have the following:

  • A valid Willamette Network Account.
  • A compatible wireless card with 802.llb/g standards (nearly all computers are already compatible).
  • Be in a residence hall or academic building where we provide coverage.
  • The proper security key for the network you are connecting to.

Connecting to a network

(This may vary depending on your device/Android version):

  1. Open your “Status Menu”.
  2. Tap the WiFi gearwheel
  3. Under “WiFi”, choose ton the network name that matches your location (see Choosing an appropriate network page for more information)
  4. If you are connecting to a network that requires a security, a window will appear prompting you for a password.
    1. Enter the security key (provided separately)
    2. Tap or Click [OK] Open a web browser (e.g. Chrome).
  5. Follow the instructions displayed in your browser window to complete wireless registration.