Wireless - Available Networks

Public Wireless

Free public wireless connectivity is available in the Mark O. Hatfield and the J.W. Long Law Libraries. The network name (SSID) is: Willamette Public

All other wireless networks on campus are restricted to Willamette University faculty, staff, and students with an active Willamette network account (username/password) or guests of the university.

Guest Wireless

Willamette provides a WiFi network named Willamette Guest that grants basic Internet access to official guests of the university only (parents, visitors from other schools, visiting groups, guest lecturers, etc.). This network is accessible in all academic and administrative buildings and requires a security key to connect.

During the summer months, visiting residential groups may use the Summer Conferences wireless network. This network is available in residential buildings and requires a security key to connect. 

  • SSID: Summer Conferences
  • security key: Provided to conference leaders or available from a Summer Conference Assistant.

Residence Halls

Wireless internet is available in all residence halls. Residential networks are secured with WiFi Protected Access (WPA2) and require the use of a security key to connect. Network names (SSID) correspond to the residential designations as follows:

  • Eastside ResNet
  • Eastside ResNet 5GHz
  • Westside ResNet
  • Westside ResNet 5GHz
  • Cornerstone ResNet
  • Cornerstone ResNet 5GHz
  • Kaneko ResNet
  • Kaneko ResNet 5GHz

Security keys: Willamette account holders (staff, faculty, students) may go here to see the current security keys for the networks

**Note: the keys will change at the beginning of each semester

Non-Residential Buildings

The following non-residential buildings have wireless access. The Network names (SSIDs) used in all buildings are BlitzNet and Blitznet 5GHz.

  • 180 Church Street
  • Atkinson Graduate School
  • Carnegie Building
  • College of Law
  • Collins Science Center
  • Eaton Hall
  • University Services Building
  • Ford Hall
  • Gatke Hall
  • Goudy Commons
  • Hallie Ford Museum of Art
  • Hatfield Library
  • Kaneko Commons
  • Matthews Hall (1st Floor)
  • Montag Center
  • Olin Science Center
  • Rogers Music Center
  • Smith Auditorium & Fine Arts East/West
  • Smullin Hall
  • Sparks Center
  • TIUA
  • University Center
  • Walton Hall
  • Waller Hall
  • WISH (Admission Office)


Wireless access is available at Zena near the barn area.  The network name (SSID) is: WUZena.  

Security key: Willamette account holders (staff, faculty, students) may go here to see the current security keys for the networks

Networks exclusive to the 5GHz spectrum now available

  • Starting in Jan 2014 the Residential & Academic networks have a 5GHz option. If your device can see the "...5GHz" version of the network, it is recommended you connect to it.
  • There is less wireless noise in the 5GHz spectrum so devices on these networks can have less interference with their connection.
  • Splitting the networks into dedicated 2.4GHz and 5GHz versions should allow both to become less crowded, offering a better WiFI experience for everyone.

Notable Exceptions

The following buildings have special wireless coverage by Willamette University.
  • Keene Stadium - please contact Athletics
  • McCulloch Stadium - please contact Athletics