Multimedia Workroom

Location: Smullin 38

Monday-Friday: 8 AM-5 PM

Additional hours available by request.  Contact the Help Desk for additional info.

Who can use it? Willamette Community
Can it be scheduled/reserved?


Hardware Available:
  • 3 Self-serve PCs with scanners
  • 3 Self-serve Macs with scanners
  • Slide and film negative scanner
  • VCR/Mini-DV player
  • Digital video capture tools
  • Digital Audio Workstation with keyboard controller
Software Available:

We have a wide variety of common software packages for multimedia applications, including software for developing web pages, graphics, digital videos, animated GIFs, DVDs and CDs, Flash, and more.

  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Photoshop (image editing)
    • Illustrator (Vector based image editing)
    • InDesgin (page layout)
    • Bridge (link graphics assets across Adobe applications)
    • Adobe Acrobat (make your own PDF files)
    • Premiere (PC digital video production tool)
  • iMovie (Apple digital video production tool)
  • Final Cut Pro Express (Apple digital video production tool)
  • Final Cut Pro (Apple digital video production tool)
  • Movie Maker (PC digital video production tool)
  • Premiere Elements (PC digital video production tool)
  • Freehand (page layout)
  • QuickTime Pro (digital video production tool)
  • Omnipage (Optical Character Recognition tool)
  • Logic Pro (digital audio creation)
  • Bias Peak (audio mixing, editing, mastering)
  • Sibelius (music notation)
Contact Person: WITS Help Desk, 503-370-6767