Chemistry Computer Lab

Location: Olin 326
  • Open 7 am through 5 pm and via door-code access
  • Closed during official campus holidays, Summer access may be limited
Who can use it? Willamette Students
Can it be scheduled/reserved?

Reserved for use by Chemistry department students and lab sessions. Contact Gabrielle James for a unique door combination to gain 24/7 access.

Hardware Available:
  • 5 PC systems running Windows 7 64-bit
  • 5 17" iMac systems running OS 10.7 (Windows available via VMware connection to the General Access Virtual Lab)
  • 1 Dedicated NMR Processing Station (Unique image, no standard applications)
  • Laser Printer
Software Available:

Standard NSS Windows, Mac, and Virtual Lab software
NSS Lab Image Software List

Contact Person:

Olin Administrative Assistant
Olin 202