Academic Advising

The Academic Advising system of the University is organized to enhance the traditionally close relationship between students and faculty. Willamette is vitally interested in the intellectual, social, moral, religious, cultural, and emotional growth of each student and views advising and counseling as integral parts of the total educational process. All undergraduate students work directly with a faculty advisor.

The student and the academic advisor, in mutual consultation and agreement, devise an academic program that meets the student's interests and needs and the University's requirements. While the student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all graduation requirements are met, the academic advisor stands ready to lend assistance, offer information, and check programs.

The student and the academic advisor, meeting together at least once every semester, plan both the immediate semester program and the total four-year program with the major aim of building a coherent liberal arts experience. The academic advising function is an important responsibility of every full-time faculty member of the College of Liberal Arts and is one that faculty members take very seriously. The student-advisor relationship, tailored to meet the needs of each student, is thus a central part of the student's academic life.

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Opening Convocation
All first-year students are required to attend. This year's featured speaker is David J. Helfand, president of Quest University in British Columbia.