What is FAST?

WITS employs a group of students who have training, research skills and WITS staff support to help faculty with integrating technology resources into their teaching and research. FAST students work on a wide range of tasks including:

  • Developing or upgrading faculty web pages
  • Scanning images and documents for class and online presentations
  • Creating archives of digital materials
  • Providing hands-on lab sessions for multimedia assignments
  • Using blogs and wikis
  • Using online resources to facilitate collaborative research and writing
  • Using WISE
  • Creating digital slide shows using ARTstor and PowerPoint
  • Digital audio and podcasting
  • Filming and editing digital video
  • Flash animation
  • Researching other applications of technology

Contact Information

For further information, contact Cheryl Cramer, x 6122 or Natalia Shevchenko (emphasis on foreign languages), x5346.