TurnItIn Introduction

Willamette University has a campus-wide subscription to Turnitin.com, a widely-used plagiarism prevention and education service that allows access via the web for instructors and students. Instructors may or may not choose to use Turnitin, or they may choose Turnitin in combination with other plagiarism prevention techniques. Turnitin can also be accessed through the Assignments Tool in WISE course sites.

If you are a student and you have questions or concerns about a possible plagiarism issue, please consult with your instructor as soon as possible, and check out the IDC Plagiarism web site for more information.

Turnitin provides a variety of documentation on their Community website, including downloadable Quickstart guides for both instructors and students, on-demand videos and user manuals.

Additional information about plagiarism is available on the Willamette University Plagiarism Prevention page.