Help Desk/ Delivery/ Office Assistant

  • Location: WITS Help Desk, Smullin 118
  • Contact Person: Mitch Jones (Help Desk manager)

Application Deadline: Monday Nov 16th, 2015

Job Description:

The Help Desk Assistants are the first point of contact for students, staff and faculty seeking technical assistance for campus technology issues. They also server as the primary serve as the primary focus for technology delivery and checkout on campus. They serve as members of the WITS User Services Team by providing technical support over the phone and in person, and maintaining the smooth operation of the WITS microcomputer facilities. Help Desk Assistants are under the supervision of the Help Desk Manager and the WITS full time staff.

Specific duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Primary responsibility is user support and customer service. Be present and visible in the Help Desk and available to users requiring technical assistance.
  • Respond to questions from callers and walk-ins; remotely assist students, staff, and faculty with technology problems in offices, classrooms, and residence halls; assist in person with problems in the computer lab.
  • Deliver technology items on campus in a timely fashion for classes & events.
  • Learn fundamental operations of commonly used software, hardware, and other equipment.
  • Follow standard Help Desk operating procedures; accurately log all Help Desk contacts using call tracking software.
  • Schedule, deliver and retrieve, set-up, operate, track and complete paper-work and recordkeeping regarding audiovisual and computer equipment.
  • Be available to provided on-demand after-hours support for scheduled events.
  • Comply with a strict schedule of arrival and departure for assigned duties.
  • Check equipment for small parts when delivering and returning.
  • Assist users with minor problems in media-equipped classrooms.
  • Accept general responsibility for the computer lab and ensure that it is ready for use; stock paper and toner in printers, push in chairs, restart frozen computers, etc.
  • Enforce all Computer Lab policies.
  • Manage the circulation of many technology items.
  • Attend all Help Desk training sessions.
  • Become familiar with available help resources; stay updated on campus technology changes or problems.
  • Become familiar with WITS policies, services, and staff.
  • Direct calls to appropriate WITS staff as necessary.
  • Maintain reasonable discipline and decorum in the Help Desk and computer lab areas.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Help Desk Manager or other WITS staff.

General Requirements:

  • Friendly presence and helpful attitude; good interpersonal skills and ability to work well with others.
  • Ability to provide technical support over the phone; good phone skills, professional demeanor, previous customer service experience strongly desired.
  • Good problem solving skills; ability to visualize a problem or situation and think abstractly to solve it.
  • Ability to handle constantly changing flow of traffic; remain productive during slow times, be able to multitask effectively during busy times, exercise patience and professionalism during stressful situations.
  • Creativity. Ability to think around problems and come up with creative solutions is helpful.
  • Ability to work responsibly with or without direct supervision.
  • Working knowledge of common operating systems and software applications.
  • Adequate familiarity with equipment found in WITS computer facilities.
  • Work a minimum of 6 hours per week; maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • Be a current, registered student.

Term of Employment:

  • One year appointment, reviewed each semester, renewable upon favorable review.
  • Required to work before the start of Fall semester (during Opening Days), and during Finals week.

Application Instructions:

  • All applicants are required to complete a Help Desk Assistant application.
  • Fill out an application on-line
  • Help Desk manager or hiring agent will contact you if any further action is necessary

Any additional questions or information may be directed to Mitch Jones, Help Desk Manager:

Application Deadline:

Monday Nov 16th, 2015