Add Users to a WISE Site

NB: If you are adding unofficial participants (those without Willamette IDs), please publish your site before continuing to add participants.

  1. Select the site from your tab bar or "more" dropdown list
  2. Select Site Info from the tools list on the left side of the page
  3. Select Add Participants from the Site Info menusite info menu
  4. To add people who have a Willamette email address, type their user name (just the part before "" into the "Official Participants" box. To add people who do not have a Willamette email address, type their entire email address into the "Unofficial Participants" box. If all new participants will be given the same role, select the "Assign all participants to the same role" button
    add official participant

    add unofficial participant

  5. Once you have entered the name(s), press the Continue button.
  6. Select a role for the new participant(s) (Course sites and Project sites will have different sets of roles to choose from). If you have chosen to assign participant roles individually, you will see a list of the new names; each name will have a selection box that you can choose from. The Instructor (Course) and maintain (Project) roles have site management permissions and should used sparingly. Click the Continue button.
    set roles course set roles project
  7. The next screen gives you the opportunity to have WISE send an email to the participant(s) you have added. This is optional for participants with Willamette IDs; however select "Send Now" if you are adding unofficial participants so WISE will send them a password. Click the Continue button.
  8. The final screen provides a confirmation of what you have just done. Click the Continue button to complete the process.