Create Resource/Drop Box Folders


Every WISE site contains a root folder that identifies the location of your materials and cannot be moved, renamed or deleted. In most cases this folder will be named "YourSiteName Resources." You can create as many additional folders and layers of subfolders as you need to organize your materials. Folders that contain items are marked with a '+'(populated folder ). Click on the folder itself to display the contents of the folder on the main (current) page. Click on the name of the folder to open the folder in its own window. A "breadcrumb" trail will be displayed across the top of the page to make it easy to return to the main tool page.

Creating a New Folder

create folderClick on the "Add" arrow to the right of the folder in which you want to create a new folder and select the "Create Folders option.

Naming the Folder

name folder

Type the name of the folder into the folder name box. If you want to add additional folders, click the "Add Another Folder" link and keep adding names. Click on the large red 'X' if you change your mind about adding a folder. Click the Create Folders Now button to create the folders