Importing Spreadsheets to the Gradebook Tool

Formatting a Spreadsheet

The easiest way to format a spreadsheet to use with the Gradebook tool is to download the provided template.

  1. Select Import Grades from the tool menu bar, then click on the Download Spreadsheet Template link.
  2. Gradebook Template

  3. Add gradebook item names as column headers in the first row. Each assignment name must include the point value in square brackets (Quiz 1 [100]).
  4. Gradebook CSV

  5. Add grades where appropriate in each column.
  6. Save the file as a .csv file.

Uploading a Spreadsheet

Click the Browse... button to locate and open the file you just created. Then click the Import Spreadsheet button. If there are errors in your spreadsheet, an information box will be displayed. Otherwise, you will see the Verify Grade Import window. Click OK to continue the upload process.

Gradebook Verify