Importing Data to a New Site

For any new WISE course or project site, you can import content that you have generated (announcements, assignments, resources, etc.) from one or more existing sites. Submitted material (completed assignments, forum postings, etc.) cannot be imported; those must be downloaded to your local computer hard drive and re-uploaded to the new site.

Before you begin the import process, go to the new (destination) site and use Site Info>Edit Tools to add any tools that you want to import data to.

To get started:

In the Course Tools list of the destination site, select Site Info.  From the menu at the top of the Site Info screen, select Import from Site.


On the Import Data screen, choose the import option. 

Select the replace my data option if you:

  • want to import data from a single site
  • have not yet generated material in the new site
  • want to import Gradebook settings

Select the merge my data option if you:

  • want to import material from multiple sites
  • have already generated material in the new site
  • do not want to import Gradebook settings

The import process does not import class rosters for official course sites; the "merge my users" option can be ignored.


Select the radio button (replace data option) or buttons (merge data option) for the site(s) that contain the source material.

Click the Continue button


Check the box next to each tool that contains source material that you want to import.  If a box is grayed out, it means that the tool is not present in either the source or the destination site.

Click the Finish button. The selected materials will be copied from the source site to the corresponding tools in the destination site. NOTE: Some tools, such as announcements and forums, will be imported in Draft mode.  You will need to confirm dates and settings and post those items in the destination site.