Join an "Open" WISE Site

"Open" WISE sites are set up so that anyone who can log in to WISE can become a site participant. To add yourself to a "joinable" WISE site:

Log in to WISE. In your My Workspace site, select the Membership tool from the tool bar on the left side of the membership tool

Click the Joinable Sites link in the Membership tool menu bar:

joinable sites button

Locate the name of the site in the list of joinable sites or use the Search window to find the site. By default, only 20 sites are shown in the window, so the site you are looking for may be on another page. You can use the arrow buttons to move from page to page or select a a different number of sites to display.

search for site

Click the Join link under the name of the site:

click join link

You will see a notification that you have been added to the site. You will have a link to the site in your tab bar or in the More Sites dropdown list.


If you want to leave a site you have joined, select the My Workspace>Membership tool. Locate the site and check the box to the left of the name. Click the Unjoin button at the bottom of the page.

unjoin site