WISE Sign-up Tool

If necessary, add the Sign-up Tool to your site using the Site Info tool. Select the Sign-up tool from the Course Tools navigation bar, then click the "Add" link under the tool title bar.

add a meeting

Fill in the basic information. The description is optional. For advising, the title might be "Advising, 4/11/10", the location your office, the start time 04 April 2010 2:30 PM and the end time 04 April 2010 5:00 PM. You can choose the meeting frequency (once only, daily, weekly, bi-weekly). The Sign-up begins and Sign-up ends fields control when students have access to the meeting(s). By default, the meeting is available to members of your advising site only, but you can choose to add other sites that you own by clicking the blue '+' button by "Other Sites.".

signup info

Scroll down the page to select the type of meeting you want to set up. The fields to the right of the radio button selectors will change depending on the type of meeting you select. When setting up Multiple slots, the tool will automatically calculate the Estimated duration of each time slot based on the value you fill in for Number of slots available for sign-up. Click the "Next" button to continue.

signup type

The meeting summary page gives you a chance to check the information you have entered. If you need to make changes, click the "Back" button. Set the optional notification functions by checking or unchecking the boxes.

signup summary

Click the "Assign Participants & Publish" button if you want to manually enter participants; otherwise, click the "Publish" button to make the signup sheet available to site participants. Once you've published the signup sheet, it will appear in the list of meetings on the Sign-up Tool home page. Click on the name of the meeting to see who has signed up. When students click on the name of the meeting, they see a link to sign up for any free time slot. They can modify their own entries, but not those of other participants. To lock a time slot, click on the time, then select Lock to prevent anyone for signing up during that time period or Cancel to delete the timeslot. You can add participants manually by clicking on the "Add Participant" button.

Sample Setup: Instructors View:

singup sample

Sample Student View (after clicking on a Meeting Title link):

signup student