Tegrity Recording Basics: Mac

What is Tegrity?

Tegrity is a tool that allows site members to create or view recordings of class lectures, student presentations, or other course materials. It records your computer screen, audio, and a video input if desired. These components are then uploaded to the Tegrity server and encoded for viewing through WISE.

Adding the Tegrity Tool

  1. Go to WISE and login; go to the site for the course you'd like to record to.
  2. Select "Site Info" from the column of Tools listed along the left.
    Tool - Step 2
  3. Choose "Edit Tools" from the controls across the top of the page. Scroll to the bottom of the list of tools and check the box beside "Tegrity" then click the "Continue" button followed by "Finished" on the next page.
    Tool - Step 3
  4. Tegrity is now in the list of Tools for this WISE site, listed in the column along the left; it will be near the bottom of the list by default.
    Tool - Step 4

Using Tegrity

If you have a PC please see these instructions.
  1. Go to WISE and login; go to the site for the course you'd like to record to.
  2. Click on "Tegrity" from the column of Tools listed along the left. If it is not there, please refer to the previous instructions on how to add the Tegrity tool to your site.
    Use - Step 2
  3. Wait a moment while Tegrity loads for this site. It will open a large pop-up window, which you may have to tell your web browser to allow.
    Use - Step 3
  4. Click on "Record a Class" at the top left corner of the newly popped-up window.
    Use - Step 4

    - You may be prompted to install the Tegrity Recorder if it is not presently installed on this computer. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the Tegrity Recorder. You may need to launch the Tegrity recorder once by clicking on the icon on the dock.
  5. Once the Tegrity Recorder opens, make sure the information is correct and change settings to your needs.
    Use - Step 5

    - If you do not wish to record a video you can choose a photo to use instead by right-clicking in the photo area.

    Use - Step 5
  6. When you're ready to start recording click the "Record a Class" button. Tegrity will begin recording your computer screen, audio, and video input (if "Use Camera" was checked).
    Use - Step 6
  7. Use the Tegrity controls to pause and stop your recording as desired.
    Use - Step 7
  8. You will be prompted to save and upload the video or not.
    Use - Step 8
  9. In the Tegrity server window where you began the recording, you can see your newest recording at the top of the list. The Tegrity server takes time to process the video after it has finished (the longer the recording the longer it takes in post-processing). The recording is still listed, but grayed out with the status "Available Soon."
    Use - Step 9
  10. Once the processing is compete the video title will change to black and the status column will display a blank. Anyone with access to the WISE site can watch the video. Additionally, you can check the box beside the video and use the "Choose an Action..." menu to make other changes to the video and its settings.
    Use - Step 10